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Cernosvitoviella Species (Oligochaeta and Enchytraeidae) from Alpine Freshwaters


The paper refers to the merge of data, based mainly on bibliography, but also on recent sampling campaign, on the genus Cernosvitoviella present in different freshwater habitat types of the Alps, but greatly overlooked. Three different States with their regions or Cantons were involved, and a total amount of 15 species was found. Some notes on the ecological requirements and on the geographic distribution of all the species caught are provided to give a more sound grounding of their presence in different water-types at local level. In addition, during the monitoring campaign of the International Cooperative Programme on Assessment and Monitoring Effects of Air Pollution on Rivers and Lakes, individuals of Cernosvitoviella goodhui Healy 1975 from one high altitude lake in Canton Ticino were found for the first time for Switzerland and here presented.

Elzbieta Dumnicka and Angela Boggero

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