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Characterization of Alkali Extracting Polysaccharides from Cultured Cordyceps militaris


Two kinds of new polysaccharides (A-WSCBP50I and A-WISCBP50I) were extracted with sodium hydroxide and isolated by gel filtration chromatography approach from the fruiting bodies of Cordyceps militaris. Both of them mainly contained α-type glycosidic linkages according to their own IR and 1H NMR spectra. Furthermore, A-WSCBP50I had a molecular weight of 8.17 kD and was primarily composed of glucose, mannose and arabinose with the content of 38.67%, 27.22% and 21.96%, respectively. The other polysaccharide A-WISCBP50I was mainly composed of glucose (69.06%) and mannose (27.80%). In addition, the crude polysaccharide A-WSCBP exhibited scavenging capacity against DPPH radical in vitro with the IC50 of 0.068 mg/mL. A-WISCBP could scavenge superoxide radical produced in NBT-riboflavin system in dose dependent in vitro with the IC50 of 1.608 mg/mL

Xiaoli Chen, Guanghong Wu, and Zhuolie Huang

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