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Clinical Evaluation of Laterally Moved Coronally Advanced Flap for Isolated Gingival Recession Coverage: A Modified Surgical Approach


Background: Various modifications of Lateral sliding flap to reduce risk of gingival recession at the donor tooth site have been proposed in literature but with low predictability of root coverage. The objective of present study was to clinically evaluate the amount of soft tissue coverage achieved with laterally moved coronally advanced flap–a modified surgical approach. Methods: 20 isolated gingival recessions (miller class I or II) with specefic features of keratinised tissue lateral to the defect were treated with a new approch to the laterally moved flap. Clinical evaluation was made at 1 year after surgery. Results: After 12 months examination, the percentage of root coverage obtained by laterally moved coronally advanced flap was 84.0 ± 0.15. A significant reduction in recession depth and width, gain in clinical attachment level and gain in height of keratinized tissue at recipient/treated teeth was observed from baseline to 12 months period (p<0.0001). Conclusion: The laterally moved coronally advanced surgical technique is very effective in treatment of isolated gingival recession cases when ideal gingival conditions present lateral to recession defect.

Rachana Gandhi*

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