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Community Participation, Waste Facilities and Solid Waste Management in Uganda. A Case Study of Gulu District


The study focused on community participation with; waste facilities and solid waste management in Uganda, considering a case study of Gulu district. The study sought to establish the level of community participation in solid waste management in Uganda and asses the strategies availed in it, together with relevant relationships involved. The study employed a cross sectional research design with a mixed method approach. 359 individuals were to be interviewed, however, 37 did not respond to the exercise hence only 322 individuals responded who included. This made the response rate to be 90% which therefore implies that the study suffered from a nonresponse bias of only 10% which has a low significance on the study. Primary sources of data were used and data was collected using questionnaires. Respondents were not willing to provide data through interviews and therefore data was collected mostly through questionnaires.

Martha Kibukamusoke

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