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Comparative Performance of Spinach (Spinacia Oleracea) as Affected by Growing Media Hydroponics Vs. Soil


Shrinking land resources, increasing residual toxicity load and depleting levels of safe water for drinking and agriculture have made it really challenging to ensure availability of safe food to ever growing population. Maintaining production and productivity through traditional agriculture system have become tough. Globally, one technology has been accepted as sustainable technology to tackle all these issues is Hydroponics (soil-less cultivation) which not only offers safe food but also ensures vertical utilization of space with higher water utilization efficiency and also mitigate environmental issues associated with crop productions. Results of present experiment have revealed that crop productivity under hydroponics system was more than 2 to 3 times over soil with better quality produce. Ascorbic acid and total chlorophyll content were the highest in the hydroponically grown spinach respectively (26.05mg/100g and 2.05mg/ gFW).Spinach crop under hydroponics system developed profuse root system with average root length more than 15.40 cm almost 60 per cent superior over soil grown system. This paper deals with comparative performance of spinach under various growing systems

Ankur Agarwal*, Yadav PK, Prakash OM, Devi Sahay and Madhu Bala

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