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Comparative Study on the Structural Features and Elemental Compositions in the Nest Material of Two Selected Arboreal Ants, Crematogaster rogenhoferi (Mayr, 1879) & Polyrhachis dives. (Smith, 1857)


The aim of this study was to determine the difference between the structural features and elemental compositions in the nest material of the two selected arboreal ants, Crematogaster rogenhoferi and Polyrhachis dives. The nest surfaces were observed with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). During this study we found that Carbon content was 46.96% and Oxygen 49.40% in C. rogenhoferi, whereas in P. dives the Carbon content was 57.50% and Oxygen 46.25% respectively. Si, Ca, K, Cu, Br, Hg, Na, Mg and Fe were also detected which was in trace amounts in both the nest material of the selected arboreal ant. This elemental composition of these two selected arboreal ants shows a significant difference.

Langshiang ES and Hajong SR

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