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Computational Biomodelling and Analysis of 3D Structure of HUMAN Proto-oncogene c-Rel: A Tumorigenesis Activator Protein


With the advent of biomedical research in the field of human science several protein are found in human body acts s a health hazard. The proto-oncogene c-Rel protein is mostly found in human is encoded by the REL gene and belongs to the Rel/NF- kB transcription factor family, which regulates a large variety of cellular functions. Proto-oncogene involved and plays a great role in differentiation and lymphopoiesis. Proto-oncogene may be harmful and cause cancer when they are mutated. To understand the operational mechanism of HUMAN Proto-oncogene c-Rel protein, it is imperative to understand the structural model of that particular protein but the three dimensional (3D) structure has not yet been reported in Protein Data Bank (PDB). In the present study a complete structural analysis and 3-D modelling of HUMAN Proto-oncogene c-Rel of Homosapiens.Based on the PDB Blast report three dimensional structure of the Proto-oncogenec-Rel protein, was predicted by using the SWISS MODEL. Predicted model was further assessed by SAVES (PROCHEK, VERIFY 3D, ERRAT) and Ramachandran Server, which show with acceptable scores and the reliability of final refined model. The overall result provides the evidence of good quality of model and furnishes an adequate foundation for functional analysis of experimentally derived crystal structures and also helps in cancer research with furnishes a novel starting point for structure based drug design of proto-oncogene c-Rel protein.

Atala Bihari Jena and Shasank Sekhar Swain

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