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Construal of Selected Gaddang Lexicon and their Cultural Implications


Gaddang tribe is one of the earliest settlers of the province of Nueva Vizcaya, which comprised the convergence of its ethnic groups. Most of the descendants of the said ethnicity are now homed in the northern Vizcaya part particularly includes the towns of Bayombong, Solano, Bagabag, and other neighboring communities. This study was aimed to have an indepth stylistic analysis on some selected gadding terms based on the data collected from the identified Gaddang key informants, who are all residents of Bagabag – ranging the ages of 30 to 75 years of age. Based on the morphological functions of the enumerated terms, they were classified according to their functions as Noun, Adjective, Verb, while some are interjections (expressions). Meanwhile, their phonological interpretations suggested that some of these words are stressed in accordance to their morphologic functions, while some others are evidently based on the emotions conveyed in each term. Significantly, the researcher had also able to gather information on the cultural implications of these gaddang terms – from which some are used to describe family relations, superstitious beliefs, types of work, sources/types of foods, festivity, religiosity/faith in God, and a lot more to enumerate. The study hereby recommends an increase of cultural awareness of the native dialects like the Gaddang by developing adequate learning/reading materials that may be integrated in the K-12 curriculum.

Nick IR and Evaliza LDB

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