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Dengue Outbreak 2013-2014 in District Swat of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan and Detection of Dengue Virus in Suspected Patients


The study was conducted on identification of dengue virus in suspected patients of 2013-14 dengue outbreak in District Swat and to conduct the population base surveillance for determining the proportion of dengue virus infection, dengue incident and disease burden. The total number of patients observed were 8927 out of which 6074 (68.1%) were male and 2853 (31.9%) were female. The total numbers of deaths reported due to dengue infection were 36. The infection rate was much higher among the age group of 15-30 years. The characteristics symptom of dengue infection was recorded as fever (100%), vomiting (70.18%), abdominal pain (50.16%), and splenomegaly (34.16%). In majority of the patient’s platelet count ranged between 100,000-150,000/mm, fever duration in most of the patient was 7-15 days. The fever duration also varied among the dengue infected individuals with 17.2% patients having continuous fever up to many days, 55.1% having intermittent and 26.6% patients have remittent fever. For the conformation of DHF (dengue haemorrhagic fever) the tourniquet test was done and by the symptoms of patients’ condition petechiae was observed in 18.66% and bleeding of mucosa in 2.56%.

Nadia Sharif*, Farhad Ali, Fawad Ali

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