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Dentistry Congress 2019: Success in the use of hyaluronic acid in the orofacial harmonization: A case report - Andrade Gomes Shimazu Cristiane - Unifatea


 Injectable delicate tissue filler measures have gotten progressively more pivotal for restoring the developing more seasoned face. Hyaluronic corrosive (HA) is one of the materials utilized as common dermal fillers that show up in the edge clearly, yet vanishes with becoming more established. Such fillers are physiological (non-cancer-causing and nonteratogenic). They are in reality transitory, anyway safer to utilize. Among the gigantic scope of procedures for adjustment of stylish nasal imperfections, one of them has been picking up accentuation, non-careful rhinoplasty with dermal filler of HA. The dermal filler of HA gives a promising option because of its simplicity of programming, closeness with tissue, viability and security to the casing of the patient. The gold mainstream careful methodology for nasal imperfections is horrible, postoperative difficult procedure, and which is away from the influenced individual??? The goal of this view became to uncover a sanatorium instance of accomplishment the use of HA inside the treatment of tasteful nasal deformities. 

 Andrade Gomes Shimazu Cristiane

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