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Object oriented software is developed with iterative and recursive increments. Object oriented software testing starts modules with unit testing in which each module is tested first then modules are integrated that forms integration testing and then they are collaborated to make a system which begins with system testing. In multiple inheritance, while collaborating various base classes to a derived class, there comes static and dynamic anomalies i.e. objects and the values assigned to the objects vary. So an approach is discussed to detect such anomalies. And one of the major challenges in software testing is the generation of test cases. Here we generating test cases firstly with unit testing approach, then integration and then with system testing approach. By testing in this way it improves the quality of software assure the high reliability of software. In this paper, our focus is on classes, objects, inheritance, method overriding, and polymorphism

Shubpreet Kaur1 , Shivani Goel

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