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Development of Bulk Homogenity with Formulation of Ivermectin Tablet by Geometric Blending


Ivermectin has antiviral activity which may play an important role in several essential biological processes. Hence, it could be a potential candidate in the treatment of different kinds of viruses including COVID-19. Objective of this study was to formulate Ivermectin 3 mg Tablet to improve particle size distribution homogeniously. Three lab-scale trials and pilot study were performed with different batch size equipment to provide ideal filling ratio providing homogeniously blending. The manufacturing process was optimised in Trial-3 and then proses validation working was confirmed. Acceptable value of content uniformity of Trial-3 and pilot study was calculated as 3.93% and 3.71%, respectively. This study was indicated the importance of selecting suitable equipment to reach ideal blending in low dose tablet formulation by direct compression method.

Melike Yılmaz, Cüneyt Toprak, Gökay Gün, Mahmut Özbek

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