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Editorial Note on Animal Conservation


Animal conservation is the act of protecting ecosystems and environments to guard the animals that live there. The importance of animal conservation is immeasurable, at a time where our planet is currently experiencing the sixth major extinction event within the 3.6 billion years that life has been thereon. this is often also the primary extinction event caused by humans and therefore the just one to occur since the dinosaurs were exhausted some 65 million years ago. this is often at a time where the rubbish path within the Pacific is larger than the U.S.A and where baby birds swallow more shards of plastic than nutritious food. Unfortunately, despite the effort put into conservation by organizations and activists, their work can easily be undermined by those who have other interests. This occurs, for example, from habitat destruction, illegal poaching, to influencing or manipulating laws designed to protect species. Sarilla Gowthami

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