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Effect of Different Protein Source on the Growth Performance and Body Composition of Seabream (Sparus aurata L.).


Six experimental diets containing isonitrogenous (383 g kg-1) and isocaloric (18.4 kJ g-1) energy were formulated from fish meal (1), shrimp meal (2), soybean meal (3), fish and soybean meal (4), shrimp and soybean meal (5) and fish & shrimp meal (6). Results showed that no significant differences in FBW, DWG and SGR, were observed of fish fed diet contained sole source of fish meal protein and groups of fish fed diets contained 40 % FM and 20%SBM and group of fish fed on 30% FM and 27% SM. Also, had a significantly (P≤0.05) higher than the rest of experimental groups. Also, economical efficiency showed that the reduction of feed costs was easily observed for the feed costs per Kg weight gain which decreased with increasing incorporation levels of SBM. Therefore, it could be concluded that the SBM 20% can replace fishmeal protein in diets for sea bream fingerlings under similar experimental conditions.

Magdy Mostafa Elhalfawy and Magdy Mohamed Gaber

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