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Effect of TIG Welding Parameters on the Properties of 304L Automated Girth Welded Pipes Using Orbital Welding Machine


In this study, the effect of TIG welding parameters like pulse rate, pulse frequency, arc travel speed and wire feed rate on the properties of girth welding of SS 304L were experimentally examined. ER 308L filler wire was used for reinforcement of weld. The pipes were welded by using orbital welding machine. Samples were made by varying above mentioned parameters. Tensile, bend and hardness tests were performed to examine mechanical properties. It was examined that the sample welded at 90A pulse current was sounder having tensile strength of 605 MPa and hardness of base 160HB, HAZ 114HB, weld99 HB.

Aamir Sohail, Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Imran, Osama Junaid M and Sagheer Ahmed

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