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Effectiveness of a New Method for The Management of Impacted Canines with a New Mini-implant with a Bracket shaped Head


Maxillary impacted canines represent a common and challenging clinical situation. Fixed orthodontic treatment has been largely utilized but with the drawbacks of a prolonged treatment time and the possibility of intrusion of the adjacent teeth. Both of this inconvenience can be overcome through means of a skeletal anchorage. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a new method for the management of buccally or labially impacted canines, with a new absolute anchorage mini-screw: five patients with a mean age of 18.5 years and with a total of six maxillary impacted canines were recruited. The mini-screw was placed palatally and a spring made of 0.019 x 0.025 Titanium Molybdenum Alloy (TMA) was used to apply the traction force. Results: All six impacted canines were successfully recovered. The mean duration of forced eruption was 6 months. Conclusion: Mini screws with surface treatment allowed the required osseointegration, in applying the system forces suitable to canine disimpaction, using as exclusive anchor a single microscrew, in order to eliminate the side effects on natural dentition.

Vincenzo DeDominicis, Giulia Padricelli and Andrea Mascolo

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