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Effects of Processing on the Chemical and Anti-nutritional Properties of Cassava Roots.


The nutritive and antinutritive composition of cassava roots (raw and boiled) was investigated. The proximate composition of raw and boiled cassava tubers was not significantly different (P> 0.05), except in moisture, fat, carbohydrate and Energy value. High levels of the antinutrients in raw cassava tubers (20.56mg/100g Tannins; 1,16mg/100g oxalate and 3.36mg/100g phytate) make them unsafe and unsuitable for human consumption except after processing. Mineral contents of cassava tubers were not affected significantly by boiling except in Iron. Calcium was the most abundant mineral present (0.33% and 0.26% for raw and boiled cassava roots) and the low Ca/P ratio of 6.19 in boiled cassava roots will facilitate calcinations of calcium more than the raw cassava roots with a Ca/P ratio of 8.68.

Omosuli SV

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