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Effects of Seed Treatment on Seed Quality and Seed Health Parameters of Buckwheat (Fagopyrun Esculentum L) During Storage


The present investigation is planned to investigate the “effects of seed treatments on seed quality and seed health parameters of buckwheat genotypes during storage at seed testing laboratory, Department of Genetics and plant Breeding SHUATS, Prayagraj, U.P during 2019-2020. The experiment consists of five genotypes viz, IC-18040(G1), IC-18289(G2),IC-18757(G3), IC18881(G4), IC-18889(G5). Seeds were treated with neem oil 5 ml/kg (T1) and carbendazim at 2g/kg (T2) and seeds alone with control (untreated T0) and packed in a cloth bag and maintained for 9 months under ambient conditions. The result clearly shown that seeds of IC-18289(G2) treated with neem oil were found high germination percent (80%), root length (10.19 cm), shoot length (8.29 cm), seedling length (18.48 cm), fresh weight (0.59 g), dry weight (0.37 g), Vigour index I (1478.40), Vigour index –II (2.96) viability (58) and seed infection (least infection (least seed infected) (2.30)

Sunkari Sri Santhoshi

AK. Chaurasia

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