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Energy and Nanotechnology- Advanced Strategy for the Future


Nanotechnology is fundamental over the next 50 years to providing sufficient energy for a growing world and to protecting the environment in which we live. Renewable energy resources are needed to maintain the world’s energy supply to slow the depletion of fossil reserves and reduce global carbon emissions. Apart from the increasing needs for improving sustainability and efficiency of conventional energy usage, alternative energy sources like solar energy and hydrogen energy are also growing at a steady pace. Nanotechnology offers the ability to enhance many key properties of energy technologies to achieve sustainability and secure our future energy supplies. In this review research paper, it is explained and analyzed that the improvement of efficiency in current technologies rather than providing new energy sources and stronger influence of nanotechnology on promoting the use of revolutionary new energy sources such as hydrogen and solar conversions by improving the processes or providing nano-engineered materials for their energy storage and release.

Sunil R Kewate, Swapnil S Thorat1, Akash D Kewate, and Rakesh S Ambade

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