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Fabrication and Characterization of Cellulose Microfibrils from Pandanus tectorius(Screw Pine) for Polymer Composite Application


Natural cellulose fiber was extracted from Pandanus tectorius (Screw pine) leaves using alkali and combined alkali-bleach treatment. Influence of extraction process parameters on the yield content and mechanical property was evaluated. Optimized process parameter was used in fabrication of a cellulose fiber composite using Vacuum Resin Infusion (VRI) techniques. Chemical composition of screw-pine leaves was determined at different stages of combined alkali-bleach treatment. Structural analysis was carried out by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). Analysis on morphological structure and tensile strength of the cellulose fiber composite was through scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and universal compressive machine. The results showed that combined alkali-bleach treatment at 4 wt.% of NaClO2 after 8 wt.% of NaOH under alkali treatment resulted in the optimal treatment combination, particularly when soaked for 120 minutes. However, longer soaking time caused damage to the fiber structure. The process parameters all influenced the chemical property, yield content and tensile strength of the cellulose fiber composite. Fiber content of 50 wt.% achieved the maximum tensile strength for the cellulose fiber composite with 28 wt.% composite enhancements for the cellulose fiber composite. The VRI techniques improved the aspect ratio of the cellulose fiber composite after production. The SEM micrograph showed the fibrils of cellulose fiber composite and its deformation. Analysis was carried out to investigate the bonding quality of the cellulose fiber and matrix. As a comparison, a control sample of unfilled epoxy matrix was fabricated

Afolabi Lukmon Owolabi, Puteri Sri Melor Megat-Yusoff and Muhammad Syahmi Hamizol

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