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Finite Element Method Analysis Of Spring Back Of High-Strength Metal SCGA1180DUB While U-Channeling, According To Wall Angle And Die Radius


Spring back is a problem as important as tearing or thinning, while forming high-strength sheets. Spring back is an undesirable situation and it is the form difference between the desired form of a part in theory and the form obtained due to mechanical characteristics and process inputs of the material after die forming. It affects operations in shearing, punching or bending dies in subsequent operations in forming die sets. If the part is not within the desired tolerance range, it creates problems during assembly. In 006Frder for cost effective production plans for automotive parts to be made, suitable sheet forming simulations are needed. Waste of time and failures during die construction are minimized by defining accurate parameters by finite element analyses and minimizing periods of trial-anderror. In this study, the material SCGA1180DUB in sheet thickness of 1.2 mm from multi-phase steel sheet group was U-channeled, using Autoform sheet forming analysis program, according to appropriate process conditions having wall angles of 7°, 10°, 12° and die radius values of R3, R5, R8 and the spring back values were estimated. Mechanical properties of SCGADUB1180 high strength sheet were determined by tensile tests. The results obtained were compared through the finite element program and suitable wall angle and die radius values for the material SCGA1180DUB for forming advanced high-strength sheets were determined. As the die radii increased at the same wall angles, the amount of spring back increased significantly. In particular, due to high yield and tensile strength of multiphase high strength sheet, spring back values were observed to be high. Negative spring backs were observed in the roof of the part.

Samet Karabulut*, Ä°smail Esen

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