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Framework for Dynamic Scheduling and Balancing in Multicore Asymmetric Thread Processing


Today's modern technologies have leads to many innovations in all the fields. One such area is Multicore Architectures where several cores are used to improve the efficiency and performance of a processor. Methods\Statistical Analysis the Symmetric processors have identical cores. But, in the case of asymmetric processors, it is different. They do not have identical cores. Findings: Various studies have shown that using an Asymmetric Multicore processor produces better results than the Symmetric Multicore Processors. This is due to the various hardware designs present in the AMPs. The existing schedulers for an AMP are used to schedule the jobs in a sequential way. Application Improvements: The proposed Asymmetric scheduler is used to schedule various jobs in parallel. Experimental results are shown using Proteus simulator where 25 percentage of the total time has been reduced by the proposed scheduler.

J Akshya*, B Srinivasan

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