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Framework for Early Algebra


 The algebra concept that governs our work and how it was used to create a curricular method for systematically strengthening elementary-aged kids' algebraic thinking. We show that utilising this strategy, students in elementary school can engage in advanced algebraic thinking skills such as generalising, representing, and reasoning. Our initial challenge, when entrusted with determining the influence of early algebra1 on children's algebra preparedness for middle school, was to select the "early algebra curriculum" from which effect could've been determined. At minimum, we discovered that mainstream arithmetic curricula provided only a haphazard presentation of “popular” algebraic topics sometimes buried in arithmetic content, allowing them to be overlooked or marginalised in training. Latest policy changes in the United States, such as the Common Core State for Mathematics, have reaffirmed the important and growing role algebra is expected to play in school mathematics by laying out quality requirements and mathematical practises for mathematical concepts early part at the beginning of the programme teacher training. Since these endeavours have bolstered the national conversation about the importance of early algebra in university math reform, there has been a gap in the growth of a research-based approach to early maths that would guide the systematic, urban designers and evaluation of fresh faced child's algebraic thinking. In this regard, we believe that the approach we've shared here might help to explain and expand the function of algebra in primary school. Our approach to early algebra is based on Kaput's topic analysis of arithmetic as a set of core characteristics spanning multiple mathematical content strands.

 Pheobe Johnson

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