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Geometry and Complexity


 Further than the framework of paired interactions, higher order networks can characterise data as diverse as functioning brain network, interacting proteins networks, and social networks. Higher - level networks include simplicial complexity, which are made up of nodes and links as well as polygons, octahedra, and other shapes. Elevated services can be defined as cell complexes built by glueing curved polytopes together along their faces. Human social networks, surprisingly, have a natural tools available to help and hence provide a natural technique to investigate the continuous technology solution of communication systems. This concept, which was originally proposed to explain the evolution of simplicial complexes, is now extended to cell-complexes generated by glueing multiple copies of any regular polytope. Connection science has aided in the understanding of the actual design of dynamic structures, and it has far-reaching ramifications in domains ranging from regenerative medicine to networking medicine to national economy. These include multilayer systems made up of many interaction networks, as well as higher order networks that go far beyond contact center. When studying brain networks, gene regulatory media platforms, or social media networks, higher cognitive networks can be very useful. 

Justin Walker

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