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Heavy Metal Remediation by Nanosorbents: A Short Review


In present scenario, availability of pure drinking water at reasonable cost is a major issue for developing countries; where in growing economy has created pollution hazards in the form of heavy metal disposals in the water streams. And due to the toxic and persistent nature of these heavy metals, serious problems are faced all over the world. These metals can be absorbed and accumulate in flora and fauna including human body, which may generate severe health problems like cell damage, cancer, nervous system damage, and in acute cases, death. Thus, water the basic need of all living beings, get polluted with these toxic pollutants and become a threat to survival. To meet the requirement of pure water for all, many techniques have been reported in literature like coagulation, chemical precipitation, adsorption, ion exchange, solvent extraction, electro-deposition, membrane operations etc. among all, most widely used technique is adsorption process, as being the most effective and economic one. Many research studies have been taken place in last decades for the preparation of effective adsorbents, but with the use of nanotechnology and material science a new class of adsorbents nanosorbents was introduced recently in literature. This review includes analysis and discussion of some research papers which may cover the usage of various types of nanosorbents for the removal of heavy metals from wastewater.

Megha Gang and Shweta Vyas*

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