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Identification of Serious Drug: Drug Interactions During Ward Rounds at Civil and Dow University Hospitals: Results of Partnership to Prevent the Negative Outcomes


Objective: To develop a list of clinically important Drug-Drug Interactions (DDIs) likely to be encountered in hospital pharmacy settings that were detected by a computerized pharmacy system.

Participants: A panel of hospital pharmacists with academic person in Pharmacy using micromedex (DRUG-REAX) system.

Main Outcome Measure: Panelists' opinions about the clinical importance of DDIs identified by pharmacists.

Results: The expert panel reviewed 150 prescriptions identifying 168 DDIs of clinical significance having major, moderate and minor drug-drug interactions. Out of these, thirteen interactions were of clinical significance according to the panel’s analysis.

Conclusion: The drug interactions that are likely to occur in the hospital pharmacy settings were identified so that the pharmacists should take steps to prevent patients from receiving these interacting medications, and computer software vendors should focus interaction alerts on these and similarly important DDIs. This is an example of active clinical training of undergraduates of Pharmacy.

Saima Mahmood Malhi*

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