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Impact of Salt Bridge on Electricity Generation from Hostel Sewage Sludge using Double Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell


For the economic development and substance of a nation’s economy, energy is used as a prime mover. Future monetary development critically relies upon the long term availability of energy sources that are reasonable, accessible and environmental friendly. Microbial fuel cell represents a total approach to convert bio waste to sustainable and clean energy. In the present study, efforts are made to analyze the impact of salt bridge over the production of electricity. Various designs of salt bridge based MFC is constructed and the efficiency was tabulated. It is concluded that the number of salt bridge has an impact on energy production. The MFC was run for 20 days and readings were noted at regular intervals. In the experiment conducted by employing KCl based salt bridges, the maximum current produced was 2 volts when 1M KCl was used.

Anand Parkash

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