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Integrating Quantitative Approach in Class Room Study to Develop Better Understanding about Biological Concepts, Processes and Phenomena


Development and integration of quantitative approaches and understanding of the various facets of dynamic biological phenomena is one of the most important perspectives required for intricate understanding of the various morphological, histological, physiological, molecular and biochemical cellular features and processes. Although, qualitative knowledge can help us understand multiple existing biological variations across the population and species, but it has intrinsic limitation in terms of comprehensive quantification and correlation thereof with specific features or phenomena, impending the holistic and meaningful understanding and illustration. Overcoming such limitation and developing subtle understanding, one needs to quantify such processes and their occurrences through various ways using mathematical tools, such as biostatistics and biometrics. Integrating such statistical tools and logically basing our theoretical and practical concepts in the classroom teaching will certainly go a long way in inculcating better understanding and deepening of knowledge of students and other stakeholders so as to make them selfcompetent and self-evolving at not only understanding and interpretation, but also the translational applications of such concepts and interpretation.

Jitendra Kumar Chaudhary

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