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Intra-Body Communication for Securable Data Transfer and Device Authentication


The paper presents a new concept of communication method called as Intra-body communication for the purpose of security enhancement in various fields especially in the military. In this concept, our human body will be used as a medium of transmission of data. The use of this technology eliminates the complexity of existing technologies that involves cables, wire connection for transmitting data. The proposed model provides a secure and efficient communication system that consists of wearable devices for authentication and also useful for transmitting the data to the master device in real time. The proposed model is easy to be wearable on the wrist or any other part of the body which has an integrated processor and an insulating material (copper) to allow the intra-body communication using the method of galvanic coupling. Thus the proposed methodology of using human body enhances the security of transmitted signals as compared to the other wireless technologies.

Theivanathan G, Sriram R, Karunamoorthy V, Rithik MT

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