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Ionic Interaction Studies of Some Amino Acids in Aqueous Cadmium Chloride Solutions at 308.15K.


Apparent molar compressibilities () and apparent molar volume () of L-serine, L-asparagine and L-lysine in aqueous and aqueous solutions of cadmium chloride at different concentrations have been determined at the temperature 308.15K from precise density, ultrasonic velocity and time flow measurements using a specific gravity bottle, ultrasonic single frequency interferometer and Ostwald type capillary viscometer respectively. From these data limiting apparent molar compressibilities (), limiting apparent molar volumes (), and their constants (Sk, Sv), viscosity A& B-coefficients and the corresponding transfer parameters (, and ΔB), and hydration number () have been calculated. Transfer parameters have been discussed in terms of ion-solvent and ion-ion interactions in the studied mixtures.

R Palani and V Gobala Vijayan.

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