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Iris Recognition System Using Normal Camera and Deep Neural Network Model With Image Processing Techniques


Iris recognition is a technology used in many security systems. Irises are different among all people every person has a unique iris shape and there is no two irises have the same format. In this paper, a new model is introduced in iris recognition to make this technology easy for anyone to use it. The model depends on the normal camera to collect iris images which will need a strong model that can use these images to make a reasonable iris recognition system. This paper presents an iris recognition system from the beginning of collecting images to the end of recognizing the iris images. This paper also presents a new process to make iris recognition which is a blend between image processing techniques with deep learning to make iris recognition. The iris recognition model is begun by taking images from a normal camera then the eye detection process takes place then the iris detection process detects the iris inside the eyes then iris filter process is responsible for filter iris images and choose suitable images that will be saved in the dataset the last process is training and testing the images using deep neural network model.

Omar Medhat Moslhi

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