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KareemNaaz-Vasavi (KV) Pattern Matching Algorithm


In Computer Science, pattern matching is the process of checking a given sequence of tokens for the presence of pattern. The patterns generally have the form of either sequences or tree structures. Uses of pattern matching includes outputting the locations of a pattern within a token sequence, to output some component of the matched pattern and to substitute the matching pattern with some other token sequence. Sequence patterns such as text string are often described using regular expressions and matched using techniques such as backtracking. Pattern matching can be used to filter data of a certain structure. It is used to find a pattern which is relatively small in a text, which is very large. Patterns and texts can be One Dimensional or Two Dimensional. In the case of One Dimensional, example can be text editor. The proposed algorithm KareemNaaz-Vasavi (KV) pattern matching algorithm is applicable to One Dimensional patterns and texts. We followed the various stages of Software Development Life Cycle to demonstrate the proposed KV pattern algorithm. Pattern matching and proposed KareemNaaz-Vasavi (KV) pattern matching algorithm are introduced in detail. The proposed algorithm is analyzed and designed. The proposed algorithm is implemented by using C programming Language. We test the implementation of proposed algorithm using different test cases.

Shaik Kareem Basha and G. Vasavi

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