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Major Causes of Organs and Carcass Condemnation in Small Ruminants Slaughtered at Elfora Export Abattoir, Bishoftu, Ethiopia


The study was conducted from December 2013 to April 2014 in ELFORA export abattoir, at Bishoftu. The aim of this study was to identify the significant causes of organs and carcass condemnation and to estimate the magnitude of the direct economic losses attributed to the condemned organs and carcasses from sheep and goats slaughtered in the abattoir. Standard antemortem and postmortem inspection procedures were followed throughout the study. Ante mortem inspection was carried out on arrival and in the lairage and abnormalities encountered were recorded, followed by postmortem examination through their identification number to detect gross abnormalities and aesthetic reasons that rendered each organ to be rejected from international and domestic market. During the study a total of 430 sheep and 430 goats Organs and Carcass were examined. The study revealed that out of 860 shoats examined in both species 419 (48.7%) livers, 318 (37.0%) lungs, 50 (5.8%) heart, 94 (10.9%) kidney and 53 (6.2%) carcass were rejected due to various causes. Hepatitis 115 (13.4%), stelesia hepatica 142 (16.5%), pneumonia 190 (22.1%) pericarditis 26 (3.0%) nephritis 33 (3.8%), and bruising 21 (2.4%) were found to be the major causes responsible for rejection of respective organs and carcass. Liver condemnation due to parasites such as Stilesia hepatica, fasciolosis, hydatid cyst and Cysticercus tenuicollis contributed to 142 (16.5%), 20 (2.3%), 14 (1.6%) and 51 (5.9%) respectively. There was statistically significance difference (p<0.05) among causes of liver condemnation between young and adult as well as between sheep and goats. The annual economic loss due to the rejection of organs and carcass of shoats slaughtered I n the ELFORA export abattoir was estimated approximately 16,007,448.2 ETB (827,686.05 USD). Monitoring animal disease conditions and management practices which lead to the condemnation of organs and carcasses during slaughtering of animals is basic and essential.

Addisu Demeke, Aayalew Taye, Asmelash Tassew and Dereje Bantigegn

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