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Medical Applications of Zinc(II) Complexes as Fluorescent Probes


We are studying on researches of various composite systems of chiral Schiff base metal complexes and proteins. Recently we synthesized several zinc(II) complexes to measure fluorescence spectra or quenching its intensity due to intermolecular interaction (just like many examples of zinc(II) fluorescent probes) and probing concentration of metal ions in solutions. The major merits of chiral complexes are (1) Potential possibility of stereochemically specific interaction against chiral protein molecules. (2) Additional information from chiroptical (CD) spectroscopy and resulting quantum chemical data. In this short commentary, we introduce our research concept, especially usefulness of the zinc(II) complexes as fluorescent probes for medical study.

Atsuko Sano, Sae Yasuda, Takashiro Akitsu

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