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Mental Attitude and Psychological Adaptive Response in Complete Edentulous Patients.


Meet the mind of the patient before meeting the mouth of the patient, hence we understand that the patient attitudes and opinions can influence the outcome of the treatment. Obviously, not the least important factor in the diagnosis of patients needing complete denture service is their mental attitude. This is not a mechanical problem or a biologic problem. It is one that requires an understanding of people and the ways in which they must react to the situations they face. Doctor, with their background education in psychology, can learn to detect patient attitudes and reactions that mutual confidence, which is essential, can be established. In this process doctors must establish within themselves empathy for the patient. If they are unable to do so, the results of any treatment they prescribe are most likely to be less than successful. Doctors must have a sense of real concern for the health, comfort, and welfare of their patients to establish the necessary mutual confidence. Clinical experience has proved the merits of a “tender loving care” approach to dental patients. This should be done before treatment is started and continued throughout the treatment planning and the treatment itself.

Chandrashekar S, Nandakishore KJ, Vinaychandra and Krishna Kumar U

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