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Methods for Collecting and Capturing Scorpions: A Review


As the study of scorpions behavior is vital and collecting methods used for capturing them play an important role, understanding the methods used for capturing scorpions seems to be essential. The present review study extracted articles related to the methods of collecting and capturing scorpions from relevant databases using the keywords scorpion, methods of collecting, collection, capturing and field. There are at least ten methods of collecting and capturing scorpions based on the study type and objectives, including the use of black light, rock-rolling, pitfall trap, water-pan trap, adobe and mud walls destruction, using a wet cloth or gunny sack, pouring water into nests, digging canal, using a rubber band and collecting them by scorpionstung people. Black light and pitfall trap are the most widely-used methods for nighttime scorpion- capturing and rock-rolling is the most popular method for capturing in the daytime. In some cases, the researcher may use all the methods of scorpion capturing and collecting.

Hossein Sanaei-Zadeh, Rouhullah Dehghani, Ashraf Mazaheri Tehran and Faezeh Ghadami

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