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Micropropagation of Rhinocanthus nasuta (L) Kurz.An Important Medicinal Plant.


A rapid micropropagation protocol by using leaf, node and intermodal explants for callus induction, organogensis and successful plantlet survivability through hardening was established for Rhinocanthus nasuta, (L.), Kurz., an important medicinal plant species which is having antitumor, antidiabetic and hepatoprotective properties. It was observed that among the three explants attempted, the leaf part responded well for callus formation. Therefore, further studies on organogenesis and hardening were carried out by using leaf derived calli. The study revealed that the MS medium containing the growth hormones, like 2,4-D and TDZ at 0.1mg/Land 0.5mg/L respectively was found to be optimum for high degree of callus induction. Rapid proliferation of shoots (15.33/callus) was achieved by subculturing the in vitro leaf derived callus onto the MS medium supplemented with BAP, IAA and Kn each at 0.5mg/l. Higher number of roots (12.66 roots/ shoot) was produced in MS medium containing BAP and IAA each at 0.5mg/l while sub culturing. The in vitro regenerated plantlets were successfully acclimatized (90% of survivability rate) in the hardening medium encomposing garden soil, farmyard manure and sand in the ratio of 2:1:1 by volume.

Nantha Kumar R, CM Ganesan and S Paulsamy

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