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Modern challenges in statistics and mathematics


 We exist in an amazing time. We have a greater understanding of the world around us because to incredible developments in science and engineering. Simultaneously, we are witnessing significant advances in technology, the environment, societal organisation, and economic prosperity. Technological advancements have progressed hand in hand with advances in mathematical and statistical studies from the birth of human societies. With a variety of outstanding studies and historical accounts, the interconnections and interconnectedness of mathematics, physics, technology, and biology have been fully explored in the research. Mathematical and statistical models lie at the heart of these interactions and interdependencies. Their importance will continue to grow in both classic (e.g., physics and engineering) and emergent (e.g., health and life sciences) fields. Furthermore, we are seeing a huge growth in computing power as well as astonishing developments in computational science and engineering, all of which are assisting in the development of this trend. Numerous other fields are now catching up to this tendency as well. To effectively handle these difficulties, the role of multidisciplinary contacts, as well as mathematical, statistics, and computational models, which provide a primary link for such interactions, will keep growing. 

Elena Perry

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