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Modulus of Elasticity, Flexural Strength and Biocompatibility of Poly(methyl methacrylate) Resins With Low Addition of Nanosilica


Background: Reinforcement of PMMA has been an issue since it has been first introduced in the dental practice. Various improvements have been suggested, out of which addition of nano particles presents most recent method. Effect of nano particle addition on mechanical and biological properties off PMMA materials remains to be determined. Materials and methods: The materials used were mixed with SiO2 nano particles ranging from 0.05% to 2 wt.%. Determination of flexural strength and modulus of elasticity was done by three-point bending test on Universal testing machine. Most successful nano-modified materials were chosen for cytotoxicity assessment using L929 and MRC 5 cell lines. Results: The highest values for flexural strength and modulus of elasticity were obtained with 0.05% or 0.1% nanosilica addition, depending on the composition of the material. The secondary peek was observed at 2%. Addition of silica nano particles affected cytotoxicity of the material that was concentration depended. Conclusion: Modulus of elasticity and flexural strength are strongly dependent on material nano-particle content. All of the materials tested proven satisfactory regarding their cytotoxic potential.

Sebastian Balos, Tatjana Puskar, Michal Potran, Dubravka Markovic, Branka Pilic, Jelena Pavlicevic and Vesna Kojic 

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