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Nature of Host Parasite Adaptation: A Comprehensive Review Article


Among all arthropods, mosquitoes are indubitably important to human beings to their consequence in which acting as vectors for many infective disease and also act as primary and sometimes secondary host for many viruses and protozoan parasites, many of which shows impact considerably on human and veterinary health. In the present review article represent the brief discussion on the relation with genetic diversity with the parasite with the mosquitos in vice-versa. It associates with high-risk level during the seasonal outbreaks demonstrated the potential vulnerable to human communities infected by the mosquito vectors. In present review will open debate discussion, how the protozoan parasite spread only through Anopheles species and viral parasite spread through only by Aedes Species. Let us understand some unanswered proofs to understand the genetic analysis of malaria.  

Mohammed Mujahid

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