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Case Report Open Access

One-stage Reconstruction and Resection of the Periacetabular Chondrosarcoma by Hemipelvis Allograft-prothese


Treatment of pelvic chondrosarcoma is often problematic for the surgeons. The location of the tumor, particularly tumors of the periacetabular region, leads to special surgical difficulties. We report the case of a 48 year old lady who presented to the orthopaedic surgery department complaining of left hip pain and limping. Histopathologic evaluation by open biopsy revealed chondrosarcoma. The acetabulum was completely resected via a 1-stage operation and the hemipelvis allograft was implanted together with a total hip prosthesis. Neither local recurrence nor metastasis was noted after the operation. A satisfactory clinical outcome was achieved at 6 month and 1 year following up and the patient was able to walk with a crutch without pain. Regarding the favorable outcomes similar to previously reported 2 stage operations, one-stage reconstruction can be the best therapeutic option for treatment of malignant pelvic tumors.

Sadeghpour A, Sadighi A, Pourfeiz HH, Aslani H, Attar B* and Azizian Z

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