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Opportunities for Production of Biosynfuels via Bio-Oil Gasification


The governmental, academic, and industrial communities have been debating technology options to develop preferred bio-based fuel production pathways. The ideal technology pathway should offer a biobased fuel product which is cost-effective, high energy intensity, and high compatibility with existing combustion engines. Based on publicly available experimental data and mathematical models in liquid biofuel production processes, a brief technical economic analysis, a comparison between the production of biosynfuels via bio-oil gasification and hydrolysis and fermentation of cellulosic materials to bio-ethanol and a comparison between bio-oil gasification and solid biomass gasification were performed for evaluation of the economic feasibility of the processes and the key properties of liquid biofuel products. Our analysis show that the operating cost in the production of biosynfuels via biooil gasification is the lowest in all the liquid biofuel production process and biosynfuels via bio-oil gasification and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis have the best compatibility with conventional hydrocarbon fuels. This proves that bio-oil gasification could play an important role as a suitable mediation technique in the near future to produce syngas for further processing (e.g., CO hydrogenation or Fischer-Tropsch synthesis).

Ji-Lu Zheng, Ming-Qiang Zhu, Jia-Long Wen, Hai-Tang Wu, and Run-Cang Sun

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