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Oral Health and Vitamin B12: A Review.


Vitamin B12 occurs in various forms and has a variety of names. It is unusual in its origin. Most vitamins can be made by a wide variety of plants and specific animals but no plant or animal has been found capable of producing Vitamin B12 and the most common sources of this vitamin appears to be small microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts, molds, and algae. Its deficiency causes nervousness, generalized weakness, megaloblastic anemia, dementia, etc. Intra-oral signs and symptoms include pale mucosa, recurrent aphthous stomatitis, candidiasis, angular chielitis, glossitis, etc. This paper reviews vitamin B12 structure, metabolism, function, sources, deficiency and correlation with oral health along with therapeutic measures.

Manu Rathee, and Amit Kumar Tamrakar

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