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Paradoxical Role of Urinary Extracts in Tumour Regression or Progression-A Critical Overview


The massive current literature on cancer has inadvertently failed to sufficiently emphasize on the innate biological regulators of tumour growth. The attempts to understand the normal control of tissue growth and its derangement in cancer, however, may hold the key to the entire problem of neoplasia. Ewing has stated that the problem of cancer might well be considered as a disturbance of the growth energy of a body tissue. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, more metaphorically, stated about the control of cancer cell proliferation and its spread, “The problem is not what makes the cell divide, but what has gone wrong with the mechanism so that it cannot stop; a cancer cell is comparable to a car on a slope. If it starts running, the question is not what makes it go, but what’s wrong with the brake?” The purpose of this review is to summarize and examine the relevant literature that has addressed the role of urine extracts in regulating tumour progression and regression.

Ashok DB Vaidya*

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