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Pathological effect of Schistosomiasis in Human and its Control


Schistosomiasis is a parasitic disease cause by fluke worms belong to genus Schistosoma. There are five species and most of the ailment is cause by Schistosoma hematobium, S. mansoni and S. japonicum. It spreads through contaminated water. It has chronic effect on mammals and snail act as intermediate host. More than 200 million people affected in 2011 all over the world and most influenced nation is Africa. Urinary, Gastrointestinal and Hepatosplenic schistosomiasis are its types according to the site where the specific parasite attack. It can be diagnosed by parasitological, immunological and molecular methods and can be treated by Praziquantel chemical (PZQ). No vaccine is available but improved sanitation could reduce or eliminate transmission of this disease and by eliminating the snails that are required to maintain the parasite’s life cycle. Syed Shakeel Shah, Aneeqa Majeed, Soha Amjad, Muhammad Fozan Iqbal, Rabia Sajid, Adila Shabbir, Farwa Masood

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