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Physicochemical Analysis of Herbal Lipsticks Developed using Natural Colour Pigment


Background: There are many lipstick formulations available in the market developed with synthetic colorants but this particular research was made use of natural pigment as the colorant.

Aim: The present study was focused to develop and evaluate herbal lipstick containing natural pigment.

Methodology: Natural pigment was extracted from Tamarindus indica red with methanol as solvent using trituration method. Lipstick formulations were developed using moulding method and coded from F1 to F5. Thus developed lipsticks were evaluated for organoleptic parameters, surface anomalies, size and shape analysis, breaking point, melting point, irritation test, pH analysis, solubility profile, color imparting test and perfume stability test.

Results: Thus developed lipsticks were shown good results for all the evaluations whereas color was found to be dark maroon to light maroon. Among all the developed formulations F2 shows good color imparting property. pH of all the formulations were found to be neutral at 6.9 to 7 pH. All the lipsticks were partially soluble in organic solvents and insoluble in aqueous media. Lipsticks are nonirritant and similar size in diameter and length with shape of smooth rounded tip. They had moderate melting point of 60°C and breaking point was ranging from 70 grams to 120 grams. Formulation F5 shows maximum breaking strength. They hold good perfume stability property. Conclusion: Lipsticks were successfully developed from natural pigment with good color and melting point. Since all the evaluations shown good results this natural pigment can be utilized for developing lipsticks in large scale.

Prabhu K Halakatti, Anita Desai, Rajashri Patted, Ashwini Babaladi, Manoj Jakkanagoudar, Naveen Balehosur, Shrikant Patil, Mahantesh Patted, Shrinivas Danti, Naveen Mulabeli

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