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Pollution-A Menace to Mankind


The utilization of resources like wood, coal fuel for cooking, warming, and lighting, is said to put three billion individuals worldwide at danger of harmed wellbeing and early death. There are numerous nations on the planet, such as Africa and Asia that overwhelmingly utilize wood or charcoal, coal etc to cook, to give warmth, and light their homes. Due to this unreasonable levels of contaminants in nature influences an expected 600-800 million families around the world, and they are at expanded danger of sicknesses that includes respiratory tract diseases, pneumonia, COPD, asthma, and lung disorders. Numerous under developed nations have fizzled in their endeavours to handle pollution. Researchers from throughout the world are making a decent attempt along with governments and healthcare organisations to prevent the spread of pollution and to eradicate it completely from the environment and to safeguard the next generation health and well-being.

Joshita Sabbineni

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