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Prevalence of Toxocara canis in Stray Dogs of Kashmir Valley.


Toxocara canis which is a common nematode parasite of dogs is cosmopolitan in distribution and is one of the most important canine parasites because of its widespread distribution, parental and neonatal transmission to pups and public health importance. The prevalence of Toxocara canis infection in stray dogs was determined by examining faecal deposits from the pavement of different districts of Kashmir Valley. Out of 968 faecal samples, 188 faecal samples collected from different areas like playgrounds, streets, parks, open fields etc of Kashmir valley were found harbourig Toxocara canis eggs. The presence of the source of infection in vicinity like play grounds, house yards, in schools or in open fields poses a great threat and an easy target of human toxocariasis. Public health risk of Toxocara canis in human toxocariasis is discussed.

Zubair Ahmad Dar, Syed Tanveer, GN Yattoo, Bashir Ahmad Sofi, Perviz Ahmad Dar, and Showkat Ahmad Wani

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