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Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete with and without Fly Ash


This paper deals with the properties of self-compacting concrete with and without fly ash. The samples of concrete were made by four groups with a self-compacting concrete with 100% OPC, 5% fly ash replacement, 10% fly ash replacement and 15% fly ash replacement. Strength properties tests were carried at the ages of 7th, 14th and 28th days for the various mixes. Results indicates that an increase in percentage of fly ash replacement was good in its fresh property and all fly ash replaced self-compacting concrete was have better flowability, fillingability and segregation resistant than a self-compacting concrete with 100% OPC. The compressive strength results of the sample indicates that, a Self-compacting concrete with 10% fly ash have 50.2 MPa at 28th day and has better result than all other specimens

Muluken Getachew*

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