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Realistic Mathematics and Students Relation


 Mathematics is a subject that is required to be taught at all stages of education, from elementary to higher education. Mathematics has evolved into a necessary skill for everyday life, particularly in the context of problem solving. Mathematical logic is systematic, with regular and specific orders. Our brain becomes accustomed to solving problems in a methodical manner as we learn mathematics. As a result, we can readily supply solutions to any situation in the actual world. In addition, mathematics aids in the study of other sciences such as economics, accountancy, chemistry, physics, and so on. If pupils have difficulty learning mathematics, it can influence their ability to perform other calculation subjects. Math is important to master because it builds pupils' higher-order thinking skills. In truth, students are frightened of mathematics and avoid it the majority of the time. This suggests that teachers should reflect on mathematics learning in order to make it more engaging and enjoyable for students.

Jennifer Gomez

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